The ‘A’ Game’s Launch Party!

Last Thursday, May 2, MiND hosted an event to celebrate the successful launch of The ‘A’ Game with the 20 organizations that lent a helping hand with the project. At the event, participants could play the game, watch the 5 minute community videos in the “screening room,” and play the board game. Over 50 people were in attendance from our partner organizations and the community.

Sponsoring Partners

Wyncote Foundation, Exelon, Health Partners Foundation


After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP); Big Brothers Big Sisters, Southeastern Pennsylvania; City Year; Graduation Coach Campaign; Office of the Mayor: City of Philadelphia; Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony Williams’ Office; Philadelphia Education Fund; Philadelphia Education Fund: Gallery College Access Center; Philadelphia Youth Network: Project U-Turn; Philadelphia Youth Network: Youth Ambassadors; Philly Goes 2 College; Rising Sons; Stop The Madness Foundation; The School District of Philadelphia; The William Penn School District

It’s such an achievement to bring together so many amazing organizations!! Let’s continue to spread the word that The ‘A’ Game is ready to help the kids in our community and beyond! (And you can now play it on your mobile phones and tablets!!!)


Welcome to the party. Grab your name tag!


Gabby and Jessica of MiND TV toasting with champaign


The playable “A’ Game board game

Ryan Harbinson of Island Officials (our awesome game developers).

Ryan Harbinson of Island Officials (our awesome game developers).


Chairman of MiND’s Board, Renee Smith talks with Feather Houston of Wyncote Foundation as MiND CEO, Howard Blumenthal, listens.


Ted Qualli of Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA playing The ‘A’ Game.


Liz Semon of Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA creating her avatar in The ‘A’ Game.


Bea Joyner and Jullianna Woodward of the Graduation Coach Campaign playing the game.


‘A’ Game creator, Katie Kindle, giving a thank you speech to our 20 project partners.


Rene Smith talking with community members Anjali and Jyoti Dhruva.


City Year representatives Chris Simmons and Meagan Covino talk with El Shafiyq Asad Ali of Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony William’s Office.


MiND’s Jessica Silver and Steve Blumenthal enjoying game play.


Game Play!


Everyone having a good time learning about the importance of decision making through The ‘A’ Game


Mony Houser of Island Officials laughing at our animated game character, Sam.


Alana Talarico of Island Officials helps someone play the game.


‘A’ Game Producer, Rebecca Abboud, talks with Bea Joyner about possibilities for expanding the game for the hearing impaired. Katie Kindle and Michael DeSoi of MiND TV, and Ryan Morrison of Island Officials, join in.


MiND Board Members Bill Borkovitz and Rene Smith talk with El Shafiyq Asad Ali of Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony William’s Office.


Philadelphia Education Fund’s Jenifer Trachtman and Cathey White of the Fund’s College Access Center talk during game play while Manuel Rosado (High School Senior and mentor in our game videos) excitedly watches the game videos.


Carla Bednar of the Philadelphia Education Fund’s ArtsRising initiative watches a young students play the game.


Michael Gross of Rising Sons enjoying the game.


Wyncote’s Feather Houston talks with ‘A’ Game creator and MiND staff member, Katie Kindle. Rene Smith, MiND’s Chairman of the Board participates.


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