What Students Think

IMG_5167On May 6th we spent the morning with a 6th grade class at C.C.A. Baldi Middle School in Philadelphia. We were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for the game and how much they enjoyed playing. Overall the students loved The “A” Game and agreed that the game positively reinforced the importance of decision making and the long term impact of choices, both good and bad.


Here are some of the excerpts from the kids:

“I liked the game. It teaches you to make good decisions. And it was very useful.” Arianna, 6th grader

“My favorite part is how we got to select answers to the questions and how we got to choose our time” -Christiana, 6th grader IMG_5165

“I loved what the game was teaching us.” -Virginia, 6th grader

“I liked it a lot. It was creative and you got to do fun things while learning.” -Nick, 6th grader

“I loved Sam and his facial expressions.” -Kyla, 6th grader

“It was awesome! I loved the videos. My favorite part was the end, how you get to buy your stuff and compare it to what you wanted. Also I liked the Avatar.” -Vadim, 6th grader

“I liked is how it relates to school, and what you should do in the future.” -Nicolas, 6th grader

IMG_5210“I liked the questions it asked.” Jasurbek, 6th grader

“I liked the program, it was fun. I liked the music and the animations and everything. I hope to graduate college and be a teacher.” -Elizabeth, 6th grader

“I like the videos they helped me understand.” Nicolas, 6th grader

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