Game Credits

Thumbs upCreated By

  • Katie Kindle
  • Howard Blumenthal

Producer and Creative Director

  • Katie Kindle

Video Producer and Editor

  • Rebecca Abboud


  • William Scott Davison

Video Animator

  • Michael Cerminara


  • Kristi Acquaviva
  • BreakfastAndrew Harbinson
  • Karen McKenna
  • Kristin McKenna
  • Matt McKenna


  • Adrian Sandoval
  • Jason Tagmire


  • Tyler Ager
  • Kevin Emmet
  • John Little
  • Ryan Sullivan


  • Mony Houser
  • Tim Stoney
  • Wayne StrangeSam Study

Team Lead

  • ProductionPeter Capowski
  • Ryan Harbinson
  • Ryan Morrison

Production Assistants

  • Jeff Benton
  • Gabriela Castelan
  • James Finney
  • Miranda Hajishengallis
  •  Azim Siddiqui
  • Vincent Stellabotte
  • Tiffany Stewart

Business Development

  • Michael DeSoiSummer reading


  • Nancy Webb

Executive Producer

  • Howard Blumenthal

Special Thanks to Our Funding Sponsors

  • Wyncote Foundation
  • Exelon
  • Health Partners Foundation

Special Thanks to Our Partners

Dapper Sam

  • After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters, Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • City Year
  • Free Library of Philadelphia Hot Spots
  • Graduation Coach Campaign
  • Office of the Mayor: City of Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony Williams’ Office
  • Philadelphia Education Fund
  • Philadelphia Education Fund: Gallery College Access Center
  • Philadelphia Youth Network: Project U-Turn
  • Philadelphia Youth Network: Youth Ambassadors
  • Philly Goes 2 College
  • Rising Sons
  • The School District of Philadelphia
  • The William Penn School District

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